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Top 5 International Destinations for Solo Travel

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Do you know the best way to see the world? It’s by traveling and alone at that. It’s self-indulgent, unprejudiced and a unique way to experience places, cultures and traditions uninfluenced by anybody. Solo travel is an expedition of self-discovery.

Whether you want to hike on famous treks, take a delightful sip of coffee at celebrated cafes, indulge in different passions in museums or renowned concert halls, or meet other travelers to make friends and treasured memories, go and discover the joys of solo travel. Naturally, you would want to go to only the best places in the world. Below are the top choices.

  1. New Zealand

Why New Zealand is a top most favorite is because it features everything any adventurous soul would wish to experience. Lush setting, captivating views of the mountains, valleys and plains… it is indeed the perfect location for one the most distinguished blockbuster films of all time, The Lord of the Rings.

Ranked 4th out of 162 in terms of safety by the Global Peace Index, your adrenalin is sure to come rushing with the many adventures in store for you. You can go bungee jumping, on a cruise, backpack and hike or ride a bike to take pleasure in the rich country side and meet the friendly locals. With so much to do, you might even forget you are traveling alone. Don’t know where to start? Try the country’s adventure capital, the haven for most New Zealand travelers – Queenstown.

  1. Norway

Among countries known for scenic fjords (stretches of slender but deep creeks between high cliffs) is Norway. A trek along these fjords is definitely an experience any traveler should never miss as the magnificence of the enchanting northern lights – a compliment that nature offers for free – is just a delight beyond description!

Ranking 10th among the world’s safest destinations, you can enjoy stunning sights along Norway’s expansive stretch, a total of 1,000 miles. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places, a must-visit if you love travelling. Norway is pure, natural beauty with a cool climate, where winter sun can be found, and made lovelier by its warm people.

  1. Switzerland

Not only is Switzerland a safe place to visit being the 5th safest travel destination, the country boasts of breathtaking landscapes despite being small. Public transportation is remarkably efficient thus exploring the cities on your own can be easy. Walk around and you will feel a positive vibe in charming cities like Zurich. Even as you walk or shop alone, you will never feel intimidated as Switzerland’s people in general are very private. With a pair of good hiking boots, you can take a trip on the country side and discover why Switzerland is a hiking paradise worth visiting.

Small but spectacular, a visitor is likely to see every worthwhile view Switzerland has to offer: green fields, rolling hills, snowcapped mountains, astonishing restaurants and many more. Home to the famous Swiss Alps, the country indisputably benefits from how the Swiss worked hard to preserve the natural beauty of the country.

  1. Costa Rica

Being the world’s happiest place, Costa Rica is any traveler’s (solo or with a group of people) must-see Central American destination. The place is so unique, bestowed with a powerful assortment of environmental attractions from stunning river valleys to majestic volcanoes to attractive beaches along its coasts where surfing is an adventure of a lifetime that shouldn’t be missed. Naturally, there are many other water fun sports to enjoy.

A trip to any of its cloud forests is a learning experience like no other that it captivates not only scientists but a lot of visitors as well. Moisture is known to remain high in any of Costa Rica’s cloud forests making them significantly cooler areas. Other than a pair of hiking boots, for a more fun hike, travelers are advised to bring along sweaters too. As the 42nd safest destinations, many travel adventures and recreational activities must have been invented in Costa Rica, the place where fascinating stories of peaceful and happy people are being continuously woven into history.

  1. Austria

The world’s third place in terms of safety, Austria makes a great destination for people who love to travel alone. It is small and compact, navigation within its boundaries can be quite easy. Boasting of great concert halls, historic museums, great cafes, efficient travel and transport system, any visitor will immensely enjoy a tour in the truest Austrian tradition. Alive with natural beauty and striking sceneries, the country is also home to rich musical culture. After all, Mozart is from Austria.

If you love culture, baroque architectures, lush forests and emerald lakes as well as rich and fine dining experience, you can have them all in one destination and that is Austria.

Travelling solo is an opportunity to try something new, something you may never get to experience otherwise. Most solo accommodations are affordable, making it a truly rewarding travel. For more fun journey, here are some general tips for solo travelers.

  • Plan your trip carefully and well ahead of time to make sure you cover everything most especially where you will be staying.
  • Master the art of packing light, bringing as little as possible but truly essential.
  • Always have a phone with you, one that will work where you are going. Be sure to have with you all necessary emergency numbers.
  • Tell people you trust back home where your destination is and always trust what your instinct tells you.

Suffering From Travel Sleep Issues? Is it Possible to Handle Lack of Sleep From Travel Naturally?

Posted on November 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Travel can be wonderful but it may also leave you tired and listless. For some of us who do or have suffered from travel sleep issues, there are ways to cope. But what causes those sleep issues in the first place? A major culprit is Jet Lag. Most of us have heard about Jet Lag but may have not understood what causes it. In a nutshell, one of the causes of Jet lag is our bodys’ sensitivity to lightness and darkness associated with crossing time zones.

So how do we deal with travel sleep issues? One of the most important healthy travel tips is to keep to your “end of day” routine regardless of what hotel you might be in and what time zone you find yourself. And if you are one of those lucky individuals who can sleep on an airplane or at least wants to try, then use a light filtering mask and grab some sleep.

Another healthy living strategy for dealing with travel sleep issues particularly Jet Lag is to “Sleep Conditioning” to the destination time zone. What do we mean by “Sleep Conditioning?” This is done by sleeping in longer and staying up later a couple of days prior to travel when traveling west and if you find you must travel east, do the opposite and get up earlier and go to bed earlier a few days prior to travel. Remember later and later for West and earlier and earlier for East.

Finally, there are also supplements such as Melatonin and other homeopathic blends that you can purchase over the counter that have been formulated specifically to help address sleep issues. But always remember to check with your doctor before taking anything for sleep issues even if that is an over the counter remedy.


Wildlife Of The 7 Natural Wonders

Posted on November 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

Natural Wonders are amazing destinations to visit for travel, adding wildlife in these picturesque itineraries will only enhance the experience.

Nature encompasses even more than just the trees, rocks and marine areas found in the world it also covers wildlife too and below are the animals and critter found at the these 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

1. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon may look bare on the many photos taken and is actually a dry place throughout most of the year. Two or three times a year however the canyon region receives bucket loads of rain which helps to support wildlife.

Larger species found at the Grand Canyon include coyotes, mountain lions, racoons, bobcats, the gray fox, mule and deer plus many smaller animals such as rodents, lizards, snakes, frogs and toads.

Bird Watchers too will enjoy the magnificent flocks of birds within the area which includes blue jays, heron, wild turkeys, turkey vultures, Californian condor and of course the American bald eagle.

2. Great Barrier Reef

Being the world’s largest barrier reefs it is no surprise that wildlife is in abundance particularly for both marine and bird-life species.

The larger species that visit the reef include humpback whale, dwarf minke whales, Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and further north in the hottest areas salt water crocodiles can be found.

There are around 6 species of sea turtle, 125 different varieties of shark and ray species, 49 species of pip-fish and even 9 varying species of the elusive sea horse.

Bird life is also prevalent in and around the reef and extending into the Daintree Rainforest with around 215 species visiting or living by the reef or its islands.

3. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro

This harbor is famous for the depth of the harbor and the two dominating mountain peaks that surround it. The area is a tropical climate and with it comes the tropical species found in South America.

In the area that surrounds the harbor jaguars are said to roam as well as capuchin monkeys, the tapir and of course llama. Even the infamous piranhas from the Amazon River have made it to the waters here among the many other fish swimming in and out of the harbor.

4. Mount Everest

Being the world’s highest mountain peak above sea level it is a rare site to see much wildlife. Visitors to this natural wonder are here for the climb or to at least stand in the shadow of the mountain.

There is however a rare species of spider that lives on the mountain and is quite possibly the species that is at the highest altitude in the entire world. This spider is known as a minute spider which feeds off frozen bugs that are blown out by the wind and into their webs.

Bar-headed geese may also be seen flying high up on the mountain side as well as the infamous chough which is a scavenging bird feeding on the animals or even climbers that had not made it up the mountainside.

5. Aurora Borealis

For wildlife in the areas around the Aurora Borealis would be near impossible to list down as the aurora may move and may not be as visible and covers a massive area of land.

For the Northern Lights, dog sledding is the most popular wildlife tour, where you’ll be led by a pack of sled dogs and be able to experience the Aurora Borealis in the same manner as the communities that once lived here many years ago.

The best places to see the aurora include Finland, Norway and Alaska and therefore the wildlife found in these areas may be seen on a trip to the lights. These include bears, polar bears, foxes, and wolves.

6. Paricutin Volcano

The Paricutin Volcano is another area that is not overly abundant with wildlife but if you look you may just find some amazing species.

Mountain lions, jaguars and coyotes make up the largest of the predators found here and you may also spot the armadillo, jackrabbits and tapir.

Birds too can be found in the area surrounding the volcano with Mexico itself containing large numbers of bird-life. Here around the volcano it is possible to witness doves, quail, egrets and heron.

7. Victoria Falls

Africa is well known for its wildlife and its natural beauty and here at Victoria Falls the wildlife can be seen around this stunning wonder.

This area isn’t the best for viewing the big cats however the falls do attract large animals such as elephants, buffalo, giraffe and zebra as well as a number of baboons and species of monkeys.

The 7 Natural Wonders of the World are all amazing destinations in their own right and for those wildlife enthusiasts you now have more reason that ever to visit yourself.