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A Romance With Nature

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you’re not a lover of nature, you may stop reading this.

And for those nature lovers and nature wanderers, explore what nature brings to you the luxury of a tranquil and relax world. Witness the agape while communing with nature.

This is no way near serene. I love exploring wonderlands. The hills, the mountains, the seas, and even the underwater, the sparkling springs, and a long stretch of pristine beach are like a sprint to paradise.

That’s me!

For others this is almost unreal in a modern day world. But I still keep my faithfulness to nature and its laws. Almost three times a year, I see to it that I would have my island destination. Where there is a luxury link to a pristine without remaining primitive, convenient and comfortable without annoying commercial – a long stretch of beach.

I see to it that there is abundance of natural attractions on a small price of land lying of the coast. I usually go for a cheap but luxurious travel that is included in vacation package. In my last vacation, the island is about an hour drive around. This island has waterfalls, hot springs, cold springs, caves, Spanish galleon era relics, even volcanoes and a pool of soda water. Where we actually drink the water we swim in! Hahaha

I love the beach, farther out is a blinding strip of white sand above a gleaming turquoise sea. Below the water are reefs, one of which are canyon ridges that were formed from a past volcanic eruption. This is now laden with aquatic life that is celebrated as prime dive sites. With a ten-minute banca ride from the shore brings us to this impressive sandbar that bulges out of the open sea. As we are looking for a beach in this island, it leads us on this islet. This is a good focal point for travel or should I say exploring the island.

Inland, there are numerable sites that will keep a nature lover like me busy for days. The Falls is easily accessible and refreshing while therapeutic hot springs is located further on. Camping grounds surround the little steaming pool. Sadly to say, this is an island in stasis – modernization and progress is making its inevitable way in.

Still at the dive site, a pair of eel that stare curiously at the camera.

We happen to chat up with a fellow American, who happens to be a resident here. We were offered a dive, beer and pizza! There are even motorcycles for rent. I’m lucky enough to borrow a bicycle. The best way to explore the coastal road is on two wheels. Coz’ the rolling terrain cuts through tree lined villages, forest patches, seaside cliffs and breezy and elevated plains. Since arriving in this island I have ridden my borrowed bike around the island everyday.

We saw a rare Green Sea Turtle at the dive site, was so relaxed that it had to be waken up for this photo.

After almost travelling around the world, I don’t want to leave this island anymore. This rare, perfect island, a paradise.